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Alltima & Alltima HP Columns

What is?

The Alltima HPLC column range was developed by Alltech.

Hichrom acquired the entire range from Grace. Alltima phases are acid and base-deactivated, giving excellent peak shape for acids, bases, and
neutrals in a single run. Polymerically bonded and double-endcapped for long column lifetimes, Alltima columns are great general purpose “workhorse” columns

Key features:

  • Base deactivated silica
  • Stable bonding for long column lifetime
  • Symmetrical peak shape

The Alltima HP range of HPLC columns was developed by Alltech.
Hichrom acquired this range from Grace.

Alltima HP columns offer a range of different phase chemistries based on high purity silica. The Alltima HP product family combines the selectivity and performance needed to
overcome the most challenging separation needs. The low column bleed makes these columns ideal for microbore applications.

Key features:

  • High purity silica
  • Excellent column stability
  • Low to no detectable column bleed
  • pH stability from 1 to 10
  • Multiple selectivity options