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Vydac HPLC Column

Grace Vydac HPLC Columns

Vydac 300 Å columns are a commonly employed range in bioseparations.

Following the acquisition of Grace HPLC ranges by Hichrom, Vydac columns continue to be available exclusively from Hichrom in capillary to microbore and analytical to preparative dimensions. Separate biomolecules from small peptides to large intact proteins with the Vydac family of reversed-phase columns (including Vydac TP, MS,
Denali, and Everest) and ion exchange (Vydac 302IC) columns. Reversed-phase columns for a polypeptide separation should be considered on the basis of the polypeptide’s hydrophobicity, with molecular weight as a secondary consideration.

Vydac TP
Vydac TP reversed-phase material consists of aliphatic groups bonded to the surface of 300 Å pore diameter silica. The large pores of the TP silica give polypeptide molecules complete access to the interior of the
silica pores. Vydac TP silica is the standard that has defined large pore HPLC for polypeptide separations for nearly two decades.

Key Features
Long column lifetime and negligible phase leaching
Reliable protein purifications, scalable from analytical to preparative scale
Referenced in a large number of patents and publications

Vydac MS
Vydac MS is a further development of the Vydac range for reversed-phase separation of biomolecules. A proprietary surface treatment and bonding process give Vydac MS columns unique selectivity. A variety
of reversed-phases makes this product line suitable for the analysis of small peptides to large intact proteins

Key Features
300 Å pore size spherical silica
Four reversed-phase chemistries
Excellent peak shape with little or no TFA
High protein recoveries make scale-up easy

Vydac Everest

Everest columns (238EV) have unique selectivity and sensitivity, which are the result of bonding technology that improves C18 surface coverage and deactivates residual silanols. Leading 300 Å C18−2
chemistries have had carbon coverage in the 2.8 to 3.6 μmol m range. Everest C18 coverage is in excess of 4 μmol m and approximates the theoretical limit based on surface area. The increased shielding of the
base silica increases column lifetime and reduces the amount of TFA required to shield the silica.

Key Features
Unique selectivity for hydrophilic and
hydrophobic peptides
300 Å pore size spherical silica
Excellent sensitivity with little or no TFA in
mobile phase
Ideal for complex enzymatic digests
(>12 proteins)

Vydac Denali

Vydac Denali (238DE) is a 120 Å C18 bonded phase with high
carbon coverage, suitable for the analysis of both acidic and basic
analytes. It has applications for small molecule analyses of interest to
pharmaceutical and environmental laboratories

Key Features

High retentiveness
LC/MS of small molecules
Fully scalable from capillary to process

Vydac 302IC

Vydac 302IC is a low capacity anion-exchange (quaternary amine) material based on a high purity 10 μm large pore size silica.

Key Features

  • Well referenced for non-suppressed ion chromatography applications
  • Used with standard HPLC systems for analysis of common ions
  • Widely used for environmental analysis