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Imtakt Cadenza HPLC Columns

What makes Cadenza unique?

Cadenza product range comprises a various types of  C18 materials with different properies. 

Cadenza CD-C18

It has been developed for superior high through put analysis particularly for hydrophobic compounds. It results in high resolution methods with low column back pressure,  It has inbuild molecular recognition and is ideal for multi components separation.

Cadenza 5CD-C18

High resolution,
pH stable,
Best with hydrophobic compounds,
Molecular recognition, Multicompenant separation


Cadenza CL-C18

Surface Chemistry

Imtakt Cadenza CL-C18
Imtakt Cadenza CL-C18 Surface chemistry

Silanol regulation

Cadenza 5Cl-C18


Cadenza HS- C18

Surface Chemistry

Serum/plasma direct injection,
Different selectivity

Cadenza CW-C18

Surface Chemistry
Excellent peak shape for basic drug compounds and antibiotics, High-throughput, Low pressure
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Imtakt Cadenza Column Ranges