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Ultisil HPLC & UHPLC Column Range

Ultisil HPLC & UPLC Column Range

Ultisil Column Range comprises 

Ultisil XB Series

(The first product developed by Welch) This range includes  Ultisil XB-C18, Ultisil XB-C8,
and Ultisil XB-C4. Also in this serie there is Ultisil XB-Phenyl, Ultisil XB-CN, and Ultisil SiO2, Ultisil XB-NH2, Ultisil Diol, Ultisil XB-SAX, Ultisil XB-SCX and Ultisil AQ-C18

Ultisil LP Series ,

LP is an abreviation for Low pH and designed to be used at low pH conditions. They include Ultisil LP-C18 and Ultisil LP-C8,

  • Ultisil Advanced and Unique Chemistries

    Advanced surface chemistries include Ultisil Plus-C18, Ultisil ALK – C18, Ultisil Polar RP and  Ultisil Phenyl Ether.
    Unique Colum chemistries are Ultisil PAH columns and Ultisil C30, Ultisil F-C8 HPLC , Ultisil MM C18/SCX, Ultisil MM C18/SCX, Ultisil MM NH2/CN, Ultisil HILIC-Amide

  • Ultisil Chiral Columns

Ultisil Cellu-D,  Ultisil Amy-D, Ultisil Cellu-J, Ultisil Amy-S, Ultisil Cellu-DR, Ultisil Amy-DR,  Ultisil Cellu-JR, Ultisil Cellu-SR

  • Ultisil UHPLC Columns

Ultisil UHPLC XB-C18, Ultisil UHPLC XB-C8, Ultisil UHPLC XB-Phenyl, Ultisil UHPLC

LP C18, Ultisil UHPLC SiO2, Ultisil UHPLC Polar RP are packed in UHPLC column


All Ultisil materials are based on ultrapure spherical and totally porous silica.

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Ultisil Columns