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HPLC Pumps for many different Applications

HPLC Pumps

Worldwide there are about 30 manufacturer of high pressure, low pulsation laminar flow pumps. The choice of pump differences is large. The obvious applications for such pumps is high pressure liquid chromatography. However application in other field  such as MPLC, SFC, injection into geological structures etc etc. is permanently growing. When chosing your prefered pump we recommend to list the required parameters that are neccessary for your specifica application.  This narrows down the choice to a few pumps. 

If you need advice please dont hesitate to contact us with your requirements. We can supply a wide range of enhancement tools and various choices of software to make sure your project will be a success.

Be very carful on chosing the cheapest products available.  Most companies and institution depreciate pumps over two or three years.

Our LCC Consensus HPLC pumps are of sturdy build. Some pumps installed in the market run allready for more then 20 years.  HPLC pumps are sent and carried around. Our pumps are heavier then other HPLC pumps because they are build on solid base plates to assure sturdy design. Thick base plates of course makes them heavier.

For use in HPLC, MPLC, SFE and constant flow applications.

Select the pump that fits your reequirement from the choices below

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