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Flash Chromatography Tools for (Bio-)Chemists

LCC Flash Cartridge Holders


Flash Chromatography is an importat purification  with (bio) chemists in in molecular synthesis

It is the prime purification process of organic synthetic molecules and peptides. 

Biochemist also use it for purification of natural compounds and bio molecules.

Method development is fast and economical. Most people use Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) for Method Developemnt and then tranfer it to Flash.

Wide range of process strategies can be used in Flash Chromatography. Wre supply low cost MPLC pumps combined with low cost sealed cartridges for manual operations.  We also offer high through-put software driven or paralell Flash und MPLC systems for large scale purification of natural or synthetic products . 

Experienced Flash- Chromatographer can extract lots of compound information with todays wide range of tools available.

We offer Full product range including 30 years of experience and as developers of unique Flash processes and materials


Purification of organic synthesis products
Flash chromatography is a fast and economic column liquid chromatographic method used in the preparative scale purification of organic compounds. The most commonly used stationary phase is silica gel (40-63μm), but other adsorbents and particle sizes can be used. Both pre-packed flash columns and bulk media are available. TLC is frequently used as a pre-test for flash chromatography development. Important is that the TLC plates are coated with the same silica used for flash columns, enabling reproducible transfer of TLC results to flash columns. Please visit our section Plastic or glass cartridges in the department Preparative chromatography including competitive automation choices++



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