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Flash and MPLC Chromatography Tools

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Flash and MPLC (Medium Pressure Liquid) Chromatography are fast and economic liquid chromatographic methods used mainly in the sample preparation and preparative scale purification of organic and inorganic compounds and biologics. The most commonly used stationary phase is silica gel (40-63μm particles for Flash and 20- 40 μm particle for MPLC),  To improve yiel and selectivity special adsorbents are available. Both pre-packed flash columns and bulk media for glass columns are available. TLC is frequently used as a pre-test for flash chromatography development. Important is that the TLC plates are compatible with the particle in the column or pre column to assure reproducible transfer of TLC results to flash columns.

Flash it the most popular purification methods for synthetic chemistry in Industry and Universities because it is fast and easy to execute particularly for compounds that do not crystalize easily. Biochemist also use it for purification of natural compounds and bio molecules. 

In the chromatographers  community a wide range of purification process philosophies exists since many years.  The chromatographer community is divided ;

  • The single compound purifier (Drug Discoverer,  Optimizer, Scolars, Universities)
  • The multi compound purifier ( combinatorial chemistry , High through put specialists)

The single vs. multiple compound purifier

The single compound purifier may start with a mixture of target products and a number by-products in the reaction broth.  The aim may be to fractionate the compound mixture into single compounds,  to analyse them individually for further analysis or to isolate the target compound in large quantities from to the by-products  for further processing (Clinical investigation , next step synthesis etc.)

In most cases the purifier doesnt know the detailed chemistry  of the compound mixture. He does however know the source of his sample and what he aims to achieve. 

  1. Flash chromatographers and Medicinal Chemist perfer simple and competitive purification system with which they can purify the target compound in mg to gr quantities fast  and to a fairly high purity (90 to 95%) The compound is then dried and taken for further steps in synthesis  or for structural elucidation.
  2. Combinatorial Chemist often deal with many different samples to be purified.  The operate generally with micro well plates  (e.g.  24 cavities with 0.5 to 3 ml capacity , 48 Micro well plate with 0.5 to 1.5 ml capacity or 98 micro well plate with 0.1 to 0.5 ml capacity. The often use Analytical Chromatography equipment (LC-MS) in combination with short large diameter HPLC columns commonly refered to as “Combinatorial Chemistry Column” and special Software.

Which method is better?  Both methods have their own weakness and strength. It depends very much on the users.  Jounger people often are more closer to high trough put systems.  The elder generation has lots of practical experience and they use all their senses in their work. They prefer to work more focussed on single compounds. Overthe years we also observed managed trends dictated by the lab or divisional head. With change of top management often new philosophies or methods are being introduced in a working place. This leads often to disruption  and fear amongst people that have grown into a routine.  Conversion to a new method is often slow because people have to get used to the new routine.  In the pharmaceutical industry  often assembles groups of specialist in smaler blocks/teams that are separted by locations (Group X in Lab Y or location Z vs Group A in Lab B and location C). Top management uses such strategies with the though to increase producttivity through competition.  Research and innovation is serendipty.  Productivity cant be improved this way.  Over the past 50 years the most innovative companies/groups are those that communicate job security for those groups that produce new tothe world concepts for a clearly communicated target market and the freedom to work together with innovative suppliers and new tools but not convenience or champion creating tools.  (Many technical people love to buy/use complex tools to imply that they special people competent and ireplaceable individuals.)  

We supply  competitive  and easy to use MPLC pumps combined with pack cartridges and glass columns for manual operations. 

We also offer high through-put paralell Flash und MPLC systems controlled be complex software for large scale purification of natural or synthetic products . 

We offer 30 years of experience as developers of unique  sample preparation processes and materials.

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