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Solid Phase Extraction System

The most diverse range of SPEs in the market

Sample prepararion is an important key steps for the entire analysis process  as over 60% of the analysis process time and over 30% of analysis errors are from sample preparation .  Over the past 30 years SPE has become the most powerful technique prior analytical chromatography for cleanuo, purification and concentration of samples from various matrixes including urin, blood, water, beverage, soil, and animal tissue.

Consequently, SPE users require competitively priced high quality products. Welchrom® SPE products are manufactured using latest state-of- the-art automation and stringent QC standards to guarantee highest quality and consistency. Welchrom® SPE products guarantee excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility and high extraction efficiency.

SPE is a kind of digital (step-wise) chromatography designed to extract, partition, and/or adsorb one or more components from a liquid phase (sample) onto a stationary phase (sorbent or resin).

SPE extends a chromatographic system’s lifetime, improves qualitative and quantitative analysis, and by changing an analyte of interest’s original matrix environment  to a simpler matrix more suitable for subsequent analysis, the deman placed on an analytical instrument is considerably lessened.

Use SPE for Samples that:

  • Contain Partiuculate matter causing system clogging  and high back pressure
  • Contain components that cause high background, misleading peaks  and /or poor sensitivity
  • Require clean up, trace enrichment /concentration or purification
  • Require sample matrix or solvent exchange

Benefits of SPE

  • Switch sample matrixes to becom more compatible with chromatographic analysis
  • Concentrate analytes  for increased sensitivity
  • Remove interferences to simplyfy chromatography and improve quantitation
  • Protect the analytical column from contaminants

Typical application for SPE

  • Pharmaceutical compounds and metabolites in biological fluids
  • Drugs of abuse in biological fluids
  • Environmental polutants in drinking and waste water
  • Pesticides and antibiotics in food /agricultural matrixes
  • Desalting of proteins and peptides
  • Fractionation of lipids
  • Water and fat soluble vitamins

Comparison between HPLC and SPE

TubeHigh precision stainless steel Plastic tube
Particle Size (um)1- 1040 - 300
Particle Shapesphericalirregular
Column efficiency20K to 200K< 100
Separation Theorycontinuous elutionDigital switch elution
Price (unit ratio)200 - 8002 - 10
Usage modereusabledisposable
Operation costshighlow
Equipment costshigh low

SPE Selector

How do I find the right SPE to solve my problem
How do I find the right SPE to solve my problem

Properties of Welchrome SPE

Base MaterialPhaseCategoryBonded Functional GroupEndcappedCarbon LoadingSurface Area (m2/g)Particle Size
Pore Size
Silica-BasedC18E HCNon-polarC18Yes254804560
Silica-BasedC18Non-polarC18No 244804560
Silica-BasedC8Non-polar/polarC8Yes 948045 60
Silica-BasedPhenyl Polar/Non-polarPhenyl Yes74804560
Silica-BasedNH2PolarAminopropylNo  74804560
Silica-BasedPSAPolar/Weak anion exchangeEthylenediamine-npropylNo84804560
Silica-BasedSilicaPolarSilica N/AN/A4804560
Silica-BasedSAXPolar/Anion exchangeTrimethylaminopropylNo 84804560
Silica-BasedSCXCation exchangeBenzenesulfonic acidNo114804560
Silica-BasedWCXWeak cation exchangeCarboxylic acidYes74804560
Silica-BasedPRSCation exchangePropylsulfonic acidNo2 48045 60
Non-silica Inorganic basedFlorisilPolarFlorisilN/A N/A75-150N/A
Non-silica Inorganic basedFlorisil PRPolarFlorisil/Na2SO4N/AN/A150-250N/A
Non-silica Inorganic basedAlumina-AAlumina acidicN/AN/A 50-200N/A
Non-silica Inorganic basedAlumina-BAlumina basicN/AN/A50-200N/A
Non-silica Inorganic basedAlumina-NAlumina neutralN/AN/A50-200N/A
Non-silica Inorganic basedCelitePolarN/AN/A75-100 N/A
Polymer -BasedBRPnon-polar/PolarN/AN/A85045N/A
Polymer -BasedP-SAXAnion exchange/PolarSAX-functionalized N/AN/A8504580
Polymer -BasedP-SCX Cation exchange/Polar/SCX functionalizedN/AN/A8504580
Polymer -BasedP-WAXWeak cation exchange/ PolarWAX functionalizedN/AN/A8504580
Polymer -BasedPS/DVBPolar/non-polarN/AN/A8504580
Specialty and Mixed ModeGraphiCarb Strongly nonpolar/Anion exchangeGraphitized carbon N/A N/A100120-400N/A
Specialty and Mixed ModeGraphiCarb/NH2Non-polar/Polar/ Anion exchangeGraphitized carbon/aminopropylNoN/A 48045 60
Specialty and Mixed ModeC8/SCXNon-polar/Cation exchangeC8/SCXNoN/A4804560
Specialty and Mixed ModeC8/SAX   Non-polar/Anion exchangeC8/SAXNoN/A4804560


1) Silica-Based SPE:

Sorbents most commonly used in SPE are still silica gel or bonded silica gels, Its pH scope of application is pH 2-8. WelchromTM SPE silica products are based on highquality high-purity amorphous silica with the average particle size of 45 μm, the average pore size of 60Å, the pore volume of 0.80 cm3/g, and the specific surface area of 480 m2/g. Also we apply Welch’s unique surface treatment technology and bonding chemistry on SPE silica, to ensure high extraction efficiency of the analytes. Silica-based WelchromTM SPE phases include C18E (endcapped), C18E HC (endcapped), C18 (not endcapped), C8, CN, NH2, PSA (diamine), Phenyl, SCX, SAX, WCX, PRS (sulfonic acid), Silica, Diol, and other 13 kinds of packing.

Chose Your preferred Silica base SPE

Range of Silica based SPEs